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Adventures of owners and drivers of Land Rovers

Brits in late 70s complete Arctic Circle drive

Prudhoe Bay Land Rover

The three British men who set out to drive a Land Rover from Argentina to the Arctic Ocean 55 years ago have finished the trip. Mike Andrews, Martin Hugh-Jones and Ben Mackworth-Praed, all now aged in their late 70s, returned to Fairbanks, Alaska and drove their original 1960 Series II ...

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Kingsley Holgate launches Heart of Africa expedition

Kingsley Holgate Land Rover Africa

African adventurer Kingsley Holgate is about to launch a new expedition to find ‘the beating heart of Africa.’ Kingsley will drive one of the latest Land Rover Defenders into the northern Congo where the true centre of the African continent lies in one of the world’s largest impenetrable equatorial rainforests. ...

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Have an adventure with Land Rover and Abercrombie & Kent

Land Rover and luxury travel specialist Abercrombie & Kent have created a new partnership: Land Rover Adventure Travel by Abercrombie & Kent. The two brands, both synonymous with adventure, exploration and luxury, have come together to offer travellers unforgettable experiences. They offer guests the chance to explore landscapes, view wildlife ...

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Land Rover reaches Pole of Cold

The Land Rover and The Royal Geographical Society supported ‘Pole of Cold’ expedition team have reached their goal – Oymyakon, Russia – aka the ‘Pole of Cold.’ The team has travelled more than 20,000 km to reach their destination. They have been as far north as the top of Norway ...

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Pole of Cold Expedition gets ready for winter in Siberia

Land Rover Pole of Cold Expedition 2013-2014

The Pole of Cold Expedition supported by Land Rover is making final preparations for its winter overland voyage to Siberia. The team will be driving a Land Rover Defender, heavily modified to cope with the expected sub-50 degrees Centrigrade temperatures. The expedition aims to explore the social, cultural and physical ...

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Land Rover hybrids complete 10,000-mile trip

Three Range Rover Diesel Hybrid prototypes have completed the ultimate engineering sign-off test by traversing 13 countries over 53 days from Solihull, UK, to Mumbai, India. It is the world’s first ever hybrid expedition along the Silk Trail and one of the boldest driving adventures ever pursued by Land Rover. ...

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