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New products useful for Land Rover owners

Land Rover shows off Transparent Trailer

Land Rover transparent trailer

Hands-up who’s had a scare overtaking while pulling a heavily-loaded trailer? Most of us at some point. Could be a caravan (nooooo!) you’re pulling, a horse box (nayyyy!) or even a Classic Range Rover on a car trailer (yes!). Trying to see behind the trailer to make sure no one’s ...

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iKamper’s all-ways expandable rooftop tent


Expanding rooftop tents are staple accommodation for overland travellers but usually, they only extend upwards. Here’s iKamper’s innovation – as well as going up it also extends sideways and can create a sleeping space 218 x 210 cm, enough to sleep a family of four says the maker. Total area ...

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More Barbour clothing for Land Rover

Barbour Land Rover

Barbour and Land Rover have announced their second clothing collaboration for Spring Summer 2015. Lindsey Weaver of Land Rover said, “This is an ideal partnership for Land Rover with both brands personifying all that is great about British design. With a penchant for style and comfort, both Barbour and Land ...

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GPS wristwatches launched by TomTom

When all else fails, and you’re lost, a wristwatch that has a GPS feature could be a lifesaver… or at least show you the way to the nearest bar. Satnav specialist TomTom has launched a new range of GPS watches that deliver at-a-glance performance information. The TomTom GPS watches are ...

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The simply amazing SATcase smart comms phone

SATcase phone

This is a quite amazing device. Take an Android smartphone, put it into the protective SATcase, install the SATcase app and you have a satellite phone. Just like that. Incredible. This could revolutionise comms for anyone who likes adventure or to go on an expedition. British company SATcase says the ...

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